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DISPLAX enters the Nordic-region market in cooperation with Denmark-based distributor InterSign ApS.

InterSign Aps, the IT and AV distributor, recently announced a new collaboration with the multitouch display solutions company Displax. This collaboration will see the two companies combine their market presence and product range to provide an innovative experience for customers within the Nordic region.

InterSign has the experience needed to help Displax expand its offer in this area, while Displax has decades of expertise in Ultra-large multitouch solutions such as special touch foils, active object recognition, and interactivity. According to the new partnership, InterSign becomes Displax’s strategic partner for the distribution of signage solutions to support the growing demand associated with interactive displays and object recognition.

“InterSign is one of the main Digital Signage Distributors in the Nordic Region, with a wide offer of interactive products that fit DISPLAX’s product range”

Rodrigo Meira, International Business Manager at Displax

The companies are working together to provide the highest quality of ultra-large multitouch display solutions designed to deliver industry-leading form, special touch resolution, object recognition, and clarity performance for all customers.

Displax is a global company that is constantly improving its presence all over the world, being the Nordic region one of the main places to put efforts in the coming years. With the consistent growth of new interactive projects in that area, their primary aim is to strengthen their presence by joining the forces of InterSign.

“InterSign is one of the main Digital Signage Distributors in the Nordic Region, with a wide offer of interactive products that fit DISPLAX’s product range. Combining efforts will help InterSign’s customers to achieve their best performance with reliable products on their project” says Rodrigo Meira, International Business Manager at Displax.

DISPLAX enters the Nordic-region market in cooperation with Denmark-based distributor InterSign ApS.

Displax is dedicated to delivering the best touch experience in multitouch PCAPs. This is the essence of the company’s business and where its efforts have been placed over the years. Specifically, on developing the controllers and algorithms that have allowed them to be at the forefront of the market. This is reflected in the many milestones set over the years, such as being the first company to introduce multitouch (up to 100 simultaneous touches), round formats, and the ability to customize the touch sensors down to the millimeter. This foundation and expertise, combined with feedback from customers, gives and keeps the company innovating and providing the market with the solutions it needs.

As a result, in recent years, the company has launched its TILE (55” ALO interactive display designed to easily create interactive video walls), its MESH product line (metal mesh on glass for standard projects/products at a very competitive price), and more recently its DISPLAX LG PCAP OVERLAY in collaboration with LG Europe, a touch overlay designed to convert LG UHD LCDs into truly interactive experiences in less than 5 minutes. This year, the company launched a revolutionary new active object recognition TAG that provides feedback to users with light and vibration effects, 84 different IDs, and works on touch sensors from 43 to 65 inches with the same TAG.

Displax products available through InterSign:

Displax offers a range of most popular ultra-large multitouch solutions including:

LG Overlay: DISPLAX LG PCAP Overlay retrofit kit is based in DISPLAX SKIN MESH technology and is designed for professional integrators, allowing them to turn their LG UHD displays into truly touch-responsive experiences, delivering reliable and superior commercial-grade products.

Touch foils: Touch foils solution can be touched through glass, whether inside or outside your premises, in a variety of public spaces. They enhance the shopping experience, extend your opening hours, and make people love your business a little more.

Tile: DISPLAX TILE solution is the easiest way to implement touch video walls both for signage and collaboration markets, combining great functionalities with a great sleek design.

About Displax :

DISPLAX is a global leader in enabling human-machine interaction with Ultra Large Multitouch Displays. DISPLAX was the first company in the world to offer Projected Capacitive Multitouch for large displays up to 135”, nowadays with products installed and used in over 60 countries in a variety of applications, including Outdoor, Self-Service Kiosks, Casinos, Medical, Industrial, Commercial Touch Displays, as well as the Education and Office Collaboration Markets.
DISPLAX has introduced several innovations to the market and achieved important milestones in the projected capacitive multitouch field. DISPLAX is headquartered in Europe, and Portugal, with a direct presence in the United States of America and in Asia.

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About InterSign:

InterSign is a leading distributor and manufacturer of quality customized digital signage products and professional displays in Denmark. Delivering an effective individual solution tailored to customers’ needs in terms of quality, service, and price.
Being a reliable partner for all types of projects through resellers, from the smallest electronics retailer to the largest shopping center operators. Representing around 50 brands. Many are very well known.

More information :
Mobile: +45 3141 5110
Address : Jernbanegade 27, 6000 Kolding
Kim Sander Sørensen
Director / COO