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BrightSign RC-1002

BrightSign RC-1002

IR Remote Control, black

  • Interface: IR Wireless
  • Remote control proper use: Media player
  • Brand compatibility: BrightSign
  • Black
  • Press buttons
  • SKU:RC1002
  • MPN:RC1002

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Control signage via a remote control with compatible BrightSign players and a customer supplied USB IR adapter.

RC-1002 IR remote controls can be used with all BrightSign players that have a USB port or a 3.5 mm IR port. The XTx44, XTx43, XDx34, XDx33, XDx32, HDx4, HO523, HSx4, and 4Kx42 models also have a 3.5 mm port for sending and receiving IR commands, while the XDx30 models have a 3.5 mm port for IR output only. Using an IR remote control requires a customer supplied USB or 3.5 mm IR adapter.

Input type
Press buttons
Product colour
Brand compatibility
Remote control proper use
Media player
IR Wireless