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Welcome to the Focus Products page.

On this page we will write and collect articles about focus products related topics. As part of our service, our technical department often help reseller with problem solving, and we think it is a good opportunity to share some of these things with all resellers who are interested.


TRANSFORM ANY DIGITAL DISPLAY INTO AN ENGAGING EXPERIENCE Nexmosphere believe that future-proof retail offers captivating experiences to shoppers. An experience is something that happens to you that affects how you feel....

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GloryStar Magnetar Weather Proff

Introducing the Glorystar Magnetar Weatherproof Touchscreen, a revolutionary piece of technology that is built to withstand even the harshest of weather conditions. Designed for outdoor use, this weatherproof touchscreen is...

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Super Slim Double Sided Stand

Allsee-Tech LHDS55HD8 - This product is really beautiful. Imagine a double-sided stand, integrated with 2 pcs back-to-back IPS panel screen, at 700 NITS, and a stunning total thickness of only 2,5...

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