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InterSign Aps, recognized with BØRSEN GAZELLE Award 2018.

BØRSEN, the prestigious Danish financial newspaper, has named InterSign Aps GAZELLE 2018.


The award recognizes InterSign as one of Denmark’s fastest growing and most dynamic companies. InterSign provides substantial value through daily counseling, design, manufacturing, software management, installation, testing, and preparation of customized display solutions – including the latest technologies on the market. This includes customized solutions incl. CMS software for managing content, establishing integrations across existing systems, and performing on-site installation of the final solution.

InterSign also helps companies to develop their business, with guidance, and support from a team of experts.

“We are incredibly proud to receive this prestigious award. It's a symbol of success, due to our hard work and the chances we have taken over the years. It's no secret that IT/AV distribution is a very competitive business area, and our competitors are mostly big international companies, but we have proven that we are a force to be reckoned with”.

Said Kim Sander Sørensen, The Director, and COO of InterSign Aps.

” We have a knowledgeable strong and humble team, always ready to listen, understand our customer’s needs, and help them with the best solution. At the same time, keeping the internal cost down, so we can offer the best prices on the market.”

“I look at it, as a recognition of our work. It's an official pat on the shoulder, and both I, and my colleagues, are proud of this. I don’t think it makes any difference for our customers, they already know that we offer them the best possible service.”

Added Kim Sander Sørensen when asked about the impact of the award on the company’s growth.


About the Børsen Gazelle award :

Since 1995, the daily newspaper Børsen has annually recognized Denmark's growth elite, and over time the word "gazelle" has become part of the Danish language as a synonym for growth companies. The criteria are mainly objective and founded on data from the Danish Commerce and Enterprise Agency. The definition of a gazelle is, in essence, a company that has shown continuous growth in turnover or gross profit over the last four financial years and that, cumulatively, has more than doubled its turnover or gross profit during this period.

Learn more about the Gazelle prize:

The selection starts with over 560,000 VAT-registered companies in Denmark. The demands on corporate form, line of business, and activity reduce the number of companies to about 33,000 (baseline companies). The requirements for profitability and continuous growth in the period in question reduce the group by a further 30,000, leaving about 3,500 growth companies. In 2010 1,051 companies had achieved more than 100 percent growth and could thus call themselves gazelles.

The standards for being a gazelle are:

Corporate form: Public limited company or private limited company

Lines of business: particular lines of business are not included (e.g., holding companies)

Activity: revenue of DKK 1 million/DKK ½ million in gross profit

Profitability: the sum of operating profit > 0

Growth in 4 years: > 100 percent