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55" Double-sided Hanging Display

55" Double-sided Hanging Display

  • 55" Doublesided hanging monitor
  • One side with 3000nits and another side with 700nits
  • HDMI connector for each side
  • SKU:IS-0000033

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Double-sided Hanging Display

Based on industry standard panels and powerful aluminum radiators inside, which would work at temperature up to 70°.

Double-sided hanging display: A powerful tool to turn street traffic into potential customers. Attracting the attention of passers-by is a challenge for any street-side shop. Showcasing products and services in a captivating and engaging way is essential. Turning the street traffic into potential customers, and ultimately, into sales is the goal.

Catch everyone’s eye with extremely high brightness!

The display will stand out from the crowd with its stunning brightness. The message will be visible even in direct sunlight. No potential customer will be missed with this device.

Resist 70°C high temperature with industrial LCD glass!

The display will not be damaged by the heat no matter how hot the weather is. The display will always look clear and bright under any condition. Designed for use in any application & this screen can run 24/7.

Adjust the brightness automatically according to the ambient light level!

No manual adjustment of the brightness is needed. This device can save energy and money with its automatic brightness control.

It’s a Double Sided Hanging Display!

One side with 3000nits and another side with 700nits.

Screenage Super-Slim hanging double-sided window displays, Sunlight readable displays for outdoor shop windows. Excellent value for money and unmatched technical support. Industrial standard LCD glass designed for use in any applications and can work at extreme temperature up to 70°.

With the establishment of our most recent, cutting-edge product, you can draw attention to yourself from passersby with the outward-facing, sunlight-readable screen with a high brightness of 3000 nits, and once your customers are inside the building, you can use the inward-facing display to further convey your point.

Along with digital advertising screen mounts and brackets, our excellent selection of professional advertising screens includes 4K displays, touch panels, digital wayfinding screens, ultra-bright sunlight readable screens, and much more.

Digital wayfinding screens, retail advertising screens, restaurant, cafe, and fast food menu screens, reception display welcome screens, digital signage screens, optician and showroom advertising displays, window displays, and educational display screens are just a few of the many industries that use our screens extensively.

Our screens are bundled with everything you need to get started, including optional installation, thorough technical support, and an award-winning CMS system that allows you to manage all of your displays from one place by logging into a cloud site.

Screenage Window facing Hanging Displays are plug and play and have an HD Android media player built in, allowing you to easily update them with new content by simply using a USB drive. You can copy your images and films into the display’s internal flash memory by loading them onto a USB memory stick and inserting them into the device. The photographs and videos on the screen will begin playing continuously when you remove the memory stick.

The most popular option for digital signage in window displays is the 3000 nits’ display, a unique ultra-high brightness panel that can resist surface temperatures of up to 70 °C without experiencing a blackening problem.

There is no need for a separate ceiling mount because the screen has an integrated wire hanging mounting system. Even unattractive power and data wires can be disguised in the cover tubes that are provided.

Excellent Visibility and Quiet Operation, Customers are enthralled by the vivid image quality and silent operation of the Screenage window facing series of window facing digital signage, which is simply mounted in store windows. While enhancing the shopping experience for customers, this series assists businesses in building their store’s brand.

Improvement in Space Slim Design, This Window Facing Hanging Screen series takes up less room due to its shallow depth, which improves space efficiency in an in-window setting.

User friendliness, With Smart Brightness Control. Depending on the surrounding lighting, the screen brightness is automatically adjusted. For improved visibility in daylight, brightness is enhanced; for effective power management in darkness, brightness is decreased.

Number of displays
Viewing angle, vertical
Viewing angle, horizontal
Contrast ratio (typical)
Response time
Display brightness
3000 nits / 700 nits
Display resolution
1920*1080 / 3840*2160
Display diagonal