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BrightSign AU335

BrightSign AU335

  • Distributes quality high bandwidth, 24-bit audio including Dolby Atmos®, Dolby Audio™ and PCM audio to ARC/eARC soundbars & AV receivers
  • Performs audio routing for individual audio file playback via the left or right channel
  • Supports simultaneous playback of up to 3 audio files with audio mixing
  • Controls interactive devices via USB, GPIO & Ethernet (USB host mode supports firmware updates on connected devices)
  • Provides soundbar volume control and input switching via CEC commands
  • Synchronizes with additional BrightSign players, lighting and other devices to create unique experiences
  • Includes a free Control Cloud subscription to for access to real time player health and remote player controls
  • Supports presentation authoring through free BrightAuthor:connected, BrightScript, JavaScript, and node applications
  • Integrates with your choice of a partner CMS solution
  • SKU:0854529008098
  • GTIN/EAN:0854529008098
  • MPN:AU335

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The BrightSign AU335 delivers the latest sound technologies required to play quality, high-bandwidth audio on an ultra-affordable, cloud-based platform. It can perform audio routing and simultaneously play up to 3 audio files at once with audio mixing for a wide range of applications such as background music distribution to multiple locations with voice overlays. Its ARC/eARC support streamlines distribution of high bandwidth, 24-bit audio including Dolby Atmos® to soundbars and AV receivers. Interactive controls through USB, GPIO, and Ethernet will engage your audience with on demand sound experiences. The AU335 can also support CEC commands and synchronize with additional BrightSign players to control lighting and other devices for unique, immersive experiences. Flawless, quality audio experiences are now a reality for any application with this low-cost platform that is easy to deploy and designed with BrightSign’s signature reliability.

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