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LUNA-F Flexible network audio matrix processor

LUNA-F Flexible network audio matrix processor

  • A scalable mixture of analogue and network channels
  • 8 Mic/line inputs, 8 flex inputs/outputs and 8 outputs
  • 24 fully flexible GPIO in- or outputs
  • 16 x 16 included Dante™/AES67 channels (optional expandable up to 64 x 64)
  • Compatible with all Dante™/AES67 paging/in & output devices
  • 32 mono or 16 stereo flexible zones
  • 4 AEC channels (optional)
  • Works out of the box thanks to easy scalable architecture
  • Single design and control platform - AUDAC Touch™
  • AudioBridge for flexible audio transfer for all inputs & outputs
  • Auto-update (OTA) feature

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The LUNA-F is the next-generation audio matrix processor, offering highly flexible and scalable system solutions for audio distribution from medium-sized to the largest enterprise solutions. The internal structure provides unseen flexibility and a vast number of possibilities for an audio distribution system. The powerful DSP's (dual SHARC) combined with 32-bit ADC and DAC converters allow the most extensive signal processing with superb audio quality.

It includes 8 Mic/Line Inputs, 8 flex channels that can be switched between 8 Mic/Line Inputs or Line level output, and 8 Line level outputs. Additionally, up to 64x64 Dante™/AES67 I/O Channels are available with primary and secondary ethernet ports, allowing the integration of the system with any Dante™/AES67 compatible audio over IP I/O units with redundancy.

The flexible architecture allows fully flexible mapping of the signal path to any of the 32 mono or 16 stereo zones, while the powerful DSP resources provide unique processing features on all input channels, output channels, and zones. Dante-enabled paging microphones and smart wall panels make the complete system solution even more flexible and unique.

The internal Linux core brings the entire control of this system and family members together, while also accommodating messaging, event scheduling, and implementation possibilities for further Linux-based functions. Besides the full network control, other options like RS-232 and RS-485 are also implemented for third-party control. For your system solution, you can easily incorporate the control of the entire system and compatible devices into your user interface by using our simplified design and system control platform, AUDAC Touch™.

System specifications
Mic / Line inputs 8 Flex inputs / outputs 8 GPIO Inputs 24 (flex) USB Inputs (Type C) Front (file transfer) Rear (file transfer) Mass storage for messages
Line outputs 8 GPIO Outputs 24 (flex) Fault NO & NC relay contact
Network audio I/O
16x16 Dante™/AES67 I/O Channels (Up to 64x64 Channels with SL-NAC8)
32 Mono 16 Stereo
DSP Processor
Dual core SHARC ARM Linux core 2 Dedicated co-DSP
Audac Touch™
Controls & indicators
Front panel 2.8” LCD Display with rotary encoder Interface ports RS-232 RS-485 2 x Gigabit Ethernet (RJ45 primary & secondary)
Product Features
482 x 44 x 335 mm (W x H x D)
Unit height
1 HE
Black (RAL9005)