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iiyama reach EcoVadis Platinum 2023 (Sustainability Rating)

iiyama Achieves Platinum Sustainability Rating and Leads the Way in Environmental Responsibility

InterSign is one of the main Digital Signage Distributors in the Nordic Region, and we are thrilled by the announcement of iiyama's remarkable accomplishment, on achieving what only 1% of over 90,000 companies worldwide has achieved.

InterSign always has a large selection in stock from iiyama, so get in touch with one of our dealers to find the right solution.

Through this partnership, InterSign can leverage iiyama's extensive portfolio of displays and touchscreens to provide comprehensive and tailored solutions to their customers. These solutions may include interactive signage, information kiosks, digital menu and advertising displays, and other advanced visual communication solutions.
By distributing iiyama's products, InterSign ensures that their customers have access to reliable, high-performance hardware that meets their specific needs and industry requirements. The collaboration allows InterSign to focus on delivering exceptional sales experiences and customer satisfaction by offering top-of-the-line display solutions from iiyama.
Together, InterSign and iiyama are committed to providing valuable solutions to their customers and ensuring they achieve outstanding results in the field of digital signage. This collaboration between the distributor and the manufacturer combines their strengths and expertise to drive sales success and deliver exceptional display solutions to the market.

About the achievement

As a leading provider of high-quality display solutions, iiyama is making significant strides in its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Going beyond its core business, the company is actively involved in initiatives that promote environmental protection,
labor rights, and sustainable development, aligning with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By supporting global efforts to end poverty, protect the planet, and foster peace and prosperity by 2030, iiyama is establishing itself as a responsible corporate citizen.

One area where iiyama excels is in its dedication to minimizing its environmental footprint. The company has embraced sustainable business practices and continually improves its environmental performance. This commitment has been recognized by EcoVadis, a prominent authority in assessing sustainability efforts. Over the past three years, iiyama has received the Bronze (2021) and Silver (2022) medals, acknowledging its ongoing initiatives. Now, iiyama has achieved the prestigious Platinum Sustainability Rating by EcoVadis in 2023, placing it among the top 1% of more than 90,000 companies worldwide. This recognition solidifies iiyama's adherence to international sustainability standards and the seamless integration of sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) principles throughout its operations and management.

To reduce its environmental impact and drive sustainable development, iiyama has implemented various climate action initiatives. One notable initiative involves the introduction of an ergonomic stand that has significantly reduced the use of plastic bags in packaging and lowered carbon emissions during distribution.
iiyama's commitment to its employees' well-being is another area of focus. The company recognizes that its workforce is instrumental in driving its success and achieving sustainable development. With this in mind, iiyama prioritizes creating a comfortable and healthy work environment for all employees. It offers diverse and equal employment opportunities and has established robust policies outlined in its employee handbook to safeguard the rights of its workforce. By cultivating a diverse, inclusive, and safe workplace, iiyama ensures that all employees have equal opportunities, are treated with respect, and are not subjected to excessive workloads. Prohibiting practices such as child labor, hazardous working conditions, forced labor, and overtime, iiyama upholds its commitment to ethical practices. The company also has strict policies in place to prevent sexual harassment and discrimination.
In addition to environmental and employee welfare considerations, iiyama places great importance on fair and transparent business practices. The company has implemented responsible sourcing policies to ensure that its products are free from Conflict Minerals. Through the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) program, iiyama assesses the risk of Country of Origin using industry-recognized templates like the Conflict Minerals Reporting Template and Cobalt Reporting Template. Regular audits and assessments are conducted to ensure supplier compliance with these policies, and strict protocols are in place to address any non-compliance. To foster open and fair business practices, iiyama has established internal whistle-blowing systems across its global group of companies. These systems aim to ensure early detection and prevention of serious incidents, such as illegal activities or misconduct, that could compromise the company's values.
By implementing these measures and initiatives, iiyama demonstrates its commitment to sustainable development and responsible corporate citizenship. For more detailed information about iiyama's corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives and supply chain performance, refer to the company's annual CSR report.