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Glorystar ULTRON 21.5" Windows tablet

Glorystar ULTRON 21.5" Windows tablet

InterSign Aps Equips Partners for GloryStar ULTRON 

Running Windows programs on a touch screen, has never been easier than with the ULTRON series from Glorystar

InterSign Aps, the Nordic most dynamic display solutions distributor, has added Glorystar Windows Ultron to its high-quality tablet series. Designed to provide Intersign partners support with a standalone control system designed to be placed individually as an All-in-One kiosk.


The Ultron tablet series includes impressive features like durability, total silence fan-less design, minimum screen life of 10k hours, stress-tested 24 hours, and temperature tested 100 times. Not only do these features packed with thoughtful technologies, but they’re also designed to inspire the Self-service industry.

A key strength of the Ultron series is its robust form, built to last, Glorystar used the best quality tempered glass offering toughness, high visibility, and sensitivity all-in-one. Let alone the metal case for the ultimate in protection and feel.

 The Ultron tablet comes in different sizes from 10.1" to 21.5" and (32 inches on request), optimized to suit the demands of all public service environments.

The GloryStar Ultron tablet series is a sleek, consumer-styled tablet with durability, ease of use, and flexibility for what a public service business requires. Various processes are available to match the needs of the business which provides instant familiarity, enabling rapid adoption and minimal training requirements all with preserving the same outlook.

With One kiosk tablet, the Ultron tablet series has powerful mobility that provides over a dozen highly valuable tools that boost business-class performance that can be used pretty much everywhere, which guarantees ease of use, security, and manageability above the competition.

 The Ultron tablet comes with a wide variety of amazing accessories to complete your perfect tablet.

Overview of some of Ultron Windows Tablet accessories :

1D Barcode scanner :

The 1D/2D scanner is an engine that provides flexibility to any kind of application such as data collection and price checkers. Mostly used to open a browser upon scan or to open a page in an app. Glory Star provides an open API to support your software integration to our tablets, please go to the software development kit on the support page of our site. The barcode is easily installed by users, providing an integrated solution and eliminating the need for external brackets or attachments.

RFID Reader :

​This solution helps you track and identify devices automatically. This reader can be installed by end-users easily and offers easy installation.

 Boca Systems Lemur-X Thermal Printer :

TLS - Boca Systems offers the Lemur-X as a standard with an adjustable 2" - 3.25" 200 dpi print width (we have a premium option for 300 dpi), cutter unit, and serial & USB interfaces. The LEDs provide feedback in error conditions. The printer can only use ticket material with max. thickness up to .008" = ~200 micron.

About Glorystar :

Glory Star offers the broadest range of OEM kiosk tablets, commercial tablets, and all-in-one touch PCs for a variety of markets including building automation, industrial automation, interactive kiosks, healthcare, office equipment, and retail displays, transportation applications, and peer-to-peer -Selling equipment.

What really sets this 40-year-old company apart is that they design and manufacture their own circuits, firmware, applications, software, and hardware in-house, giving them the flexibility to maintain product quality.

The biggest benefit of working with Glorystar is that they can guarantee model and parts availability for up to 3-5 years.